My journey at Skiplist has been nothing but exciting. Over the last year, we have grown tremendously with each person bringing a diverse background to the table. Never a dull moment at Skiplist that is for sure. 

From starting our podcast to meeting Gary Vaynerchuk, the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds is genuinely humbling. 

Our clients and partners are the best and believe as we do, thoughtful software and thoughtful people can change the world for the better. 

Our mission has and will always be to transform the software industry with incredible and thoughtful software. 

For me, leading our sales, marketing, and product efforts, I keep pondering one question.

“What do we want people to remember about us?”  

To formulate the strategy of Skiplist and our various teams, it is critical we root our decisions with strong values and principles. 

There is already enough nonsense out there. We don’t need more.

I’m a huge fan of Ray Dalio and his book “Principles.” A truly transformative read. 

Inspired by Mr. Dalio, I figure there is no time better than now to share over the next few weeks my thoughts and principles on sales, marketing, and product. 

My primary goal is to share how we think about customer experiences and what we want people to remember about working with the great folks at Skiplist.  

I’ll start with my ten “Sales Principles.” I probably have a hundred but ten seems like a good start.