I’m not quite sure what corporate folks think when they make blunders as the one Amazon did with deciding its next HQ location.

Well, maybe they meant to do it this way. During the review process cities across America vying for Amazon’s attention sent in their detailed proprietary city plans to lure the giant.

Essentially, Amazon now has detailed plans on how cities will expand and what they are planning to do next. These plans give Amazon a significant advantage with their corporate expansion plans.

The hunger for growth is getting ridiculous on how far corporations will go for any advantage.

Jeff Bezos also recently said he thinks Amazon will eventually fail. So, what is the plan? Take as much as you can while things are going well?

This total disregard is a significant reason society is falling out of love with tech. Facebook is already in some deep trouble. Google also.

I doubt they are in trouble trouble, but things do feel a bit different.

What happened to thoughtful business? Is there even such a thing?

I for one am for the “thoughtful revolution.” It’s time.