Don’t hate the iPhone notch

So much has been written about the infamous “notch” on the iPhone X. Surprisingly many hate the notch. True to Apple fans they are passionate about whether a feature is right or not. 

I am an Apple design fan and I started to wonder whether the notch was a mistake. I personally like the notch. All the notch haters got me thinking, did Apple miss something?

Well, no. Lets get something straight, they are so far ahead in design concepts than any other company out there. So they know way more than you, me, and everyone else. They know what they are doing. 

Sells itself every time you take it out at a coffee shop or a restaurant. 

Then I realized the notch is actually done on purpose. Or at least this is my theory. My reasoning is the notch is truly a distinctive design feature. 

Every other phone manufacturer is making phones that basically look the same. Especially when you put a case to cover the logo. 

A major part of an iPhone is that you have an iPhone. It is a luxury item. 

Iconic brands have their distinct logo. You know a Louis Vuitton bag when you see the famous LV logo. You know it from across the room. You are helping them advertise. Brilliant. 

This is independent of whether you care if people know you have a LV bag. This is all part of building lasting thoughtful products. 

Design with purpose. Engineer with purpose. 

Bye Bye iPhone Home Button

The iPhone X removed the famous home button. Everyone knows the iPhone with the distinctive home button. Now gone they came up with the notch. This all comes together to build iconic products. Everyone is talking about the notch. So much so that even people who don’t have an iPhone X know one when they see it.

Sells itself every time you take it out at a coffee shop or a restaurant. C’mon you have to admit this is brilliant stuff. 

This also applies to the camera bump. Yeah we can argue about the need for a certain camera lens. Blah, blah, blah. You think Apple doesn’t know how to make a completely flat phone and camera?

It’s done as a distinctive design feature. Embrace the oddities of design. How many companies can pull that off? Not many. 

Even with a case covering the logo, you can see the bump. Making a call. Everyone knows you have an iPhone. 

Lay the phone face up, you see the notch. Everyone know you have an iPhone. Again, I am not talking about where you like the design or like Apple. 

The main point is design matters. 

Thoughtful Design

Often we build products by assuming we know more about a product than the company building it. However, great companies know their user better than you and also know their presence in this world better than you. 

Apple is selling all the time through design and great engineering. So good, they can’t be ignored. 

When building software, always start with why? Why would our users care? Why would the market care?

The result should be a full understanding of the ecosystem surrounding you and your product. Don’t take design lightly. Build unique incredible features that are so good, users remember and they can’t ignore you. 

Working with individuals who are design thinkers and thoughtful builders will dramatically increase the chances of success. 

Here’s to the notch. Jk.